Friday, October 26, 2007

Inaugural Notes

When they learned about my decision to retire, many of my family members and friends asked me what I was going to be doing. One of the things I said I would like to do was to blog. So here I am.

I gave some thought about what I would name my blog, etc. Being a humble know-it-all, I thought creating themes around the little harmless and nice FROG would be cool, as there are so many interesting stories and fables about it. In particular, there is this famous Chinese fable about a frog in Qiu Shui (秋水), written over 2300 years ago by Zhuang Zi 莊子, one of the greatest philosophers of all time. Thus I have chosen to call myself iFROG 井底之蛙 (i stands for intelligent and ignorant), after sitting in my comfortable well for a very long time. I will share with you my thoughts as I reflect on my learning and observations of the world, and I shall call my blog froglyspeaking or frog frankly speaking. The Chinese idiom 坐井觀天 following it literally means observing the world from within a well. It came from Yuan Tao 原道,a late 700 or early 800 AD writing by Han Yu 韓愈,one of the most important and influential writers in Chinese history.

I will also share with you travel pointers and planners, among other things, that I am putting together for friends and family under the label fravel which stands for frog travel. The first one being completed is for Paris, France. You can download the latest version from fravel_paris. There will be more to come and new labels as I blog along.

Talk to you soon!

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